A Progressive Farmer – Dairy and Development; Chamrajnagar, Karnataka
Family Background:

case_study15_img1Mr. Patric is a farmer from Basavanagudi village, P G Palya Gram panchayath, Kollegal Taluk, Chamarajanagar District. He is 48 years old and has studied up to 10th standard. He is a member of Santha Josef men’s Self Help Affinity Group which was formed on 17.01.2004.
His wife Ms. Mykal Mary is aged about 45 years and has studied up to 7th standard. She helps her husband in Agriculture, maintenance of cross bred cows apart from household work.
They have two children. The son Mr. Pascal Viktor is 22 years old and studied up to 2nd PUC (Pre University Course) and discontinued his education, but he is interested in dairy development and is supporting his father in Agriculture and dairy development.
The daughter Ms. Shyni Juliet is aged about 20 years and studied PUC, D.Ed (Diploma in Education). Presently she is working as teacher in St. Joseph school at Bangalore and gets a monthly salary of Rs.5000/-. She stays with relatives Bangalore.

The land details:

case_study15_img2Mr. Patric has 3.5 acres land which is irrigated by bore well and open well. His brother Mr. Joseph is working in Naganahalli, H D Kote taluk as the Head Master of a High school. He also has 3.5 acres of irrigated land which he has given on lease to Mr. Patric for Rs. 25,000/- per year. Mr. Patric is growing maize, potato, beans, carrot, garlic and fodder.

About SAG:
There are 12 members in the Santha Josef Group. It conducts fortnightly meetings regularly. The total savings of Mr. Patric is Rs. 16,250/- as on 15.12.2014. The SAG has provided a lot of support to Mr. Patric for Dairy Development and Agriculture. He has taken a loan of Rs. 10,000/- on 15.08.2008 and started Dairy development with one Cross Breed cow. Over a period of 6 years he has taken 12 loans from SAG totalling Rs. 3,69,000/- for purchase of CB cows and development of mini dairy. He now has 18 Jersey cows, 1 buffalo an, 9 calves.
The details of loan taken from SAG are as follows:
Loan pattern of Mr. Patric:
Sl No. Date of Loan Purpose of loan Loan Amount Repaid Balance
1 30.05.2007 Agriculture 1,000.00 1,000.00 Nil
2 31.07.2007 Agriculture 5,000.00 5,000.00 Nil
3 01.01.2008 Agriculture 2,000.00 2,000.00 Nil
4 01.03.2008 Agriculture 3,000.00 3,000.00 Nil
5 01.04.2008 Agriculture 3,000.00 3,000.00 Nil
6 01.06.2008 Agriculture 5,000.00 5,000.00 Nil
7 15.08.2008 Animal Husbandry 10,000.00 10,000.00 Nil
8 15.11.2008 Agriculture 5,000.00 5,000.00 Nil
9 15.04.2009 Agriculture 5,000.00 5,000.00 Nil
10 15.05.2009 Animal Husbandry 15,000.00 15,000.00 Nil
11 14.07.2009 Animal Husbandry 22,000.00 22,000.00 Nil
12 19.07.2010 Animal Husbandry 35,000.00 35,000.00 Nil
13 15.11.2010 Driving Training for son 2,625.00 2,625.00 Nil
14 15.03.2011 Animal Husbandry 30,000.00 30,000.00 Nil
15 15.04.2011 Animal Husbandry 20,000.00 20,000.00 Nil
16 15.08.2011 Animal Husbandry 43,000.00 43,000.00 Nil
17 15.03.2013 Animal Husbandry 25,000.00 25,000.00 Nil
18 15.03.2014 Animal Husbandry 50,000.00 50,000.00 Nil
19 15.06.2014 Animal Husbandry 50,000.00 50,000.00 Nil
20 01.11.2014 Animal Husbandry 50,000.00 280.00 49,720.00
21 15.11.2014 Animal Husbandry 19,000.00 – 19,000.00
4,00,625.00 3,31,905.00 68,720.00
Break up of loan taken:
Purpose of loans No. of loans taken Loan Amount
Agriculture 08 29,000.00
Driving training for son 01 2625.00
Purchase of CB Cows 12 3,69,000.00
Total 21 4,00,625.00

Direct loan from banks:
With the support of CMRC Mr. Patric has taken loans of Rs.70,000/- directly from the Bank and purchased 2 Cross Bred cows. All the loans have been cleared and he has established his credit-worthiness with banks. He has been selected for NABARD subsidy scheme for dairy development.
NABARD and Bank Assistance:
MYRADA and Kalpavruksha CMRC Odeyarapalya have taken the Syndicate Bank Manager Odeyarapalya to Mr. Patric’s land and shown the dairy development. The Bank Manager was convinced and mobilized Rs. 1,25,000/- subsidy from NABARD and Bank has given Rs. 2,75,000/- loan to Mr. Patric, out of which he constructed one cattle shed and purchased 6 more CB Cows. Bank and NABARD Assistance also helped him to develop mini dairy.
Fodder Development:
Mr. Patric has reserved 1 acre land for growing fodder for cows. He also purchases cattle feed from the milk society.

Fodder cutting machines:

He purchased one fodder cutting machine from the milk cooperative society for Rs.13,800/- and got subsidy of Rs. 5,500/-, Use of cutting machine has minimised fodder wastage.

Mr. Patric’s Son cutting fodder using the fodder cutting machine

Mr. Patric’s Son cutting fodder using the fodder cutting machine

Recently one milking machine has been purchased from Milk cooperative society for Rs.17,300/- and of which Rs.12,300/- was a subsidy. This machine helped the family members to save milking time.
Why he started dairy development:
• His father was keeping some local milch cows during his childhood. He was motivated by his father to continue the dairy activity.
• His son has discontinued his education; therefore he wants to engage him in income generation programme.
• He has the confidence to mobilize financial support from SAG and Bank.
• Good marketing facility for selling of milk in milk cooperative society.
Purchase of CB cows and Buffalos:
Mr. Patric started the dairy activity with one cow by taking Rs.10,000/-loan from the SAG and increased the number of cows.
1. No. of cows purchased with the financial support from SAG & own
Investment 11 Cows
2. No. of buffalo purchased with the financial support from SAG 1 Buffalo
3. No. of cows purchased with the financial support from Bank 7 Cows

Total 19 Animals
No. of calf multiplied by the cows 09 Calf
Totally he is having 28 Animals
Out of big cows, 06 cows are giving milk, 10 cows are pregnant
14 animals are insured.

Mr. Patric and his son Mr. Pascal Viktor with their cows

Mr. Patric and his son Mr. Pascal Viktor with their cows

A. Direct income:
Monthly income from milk:

Sl No Activity Income Expenditure Surplus
A Income per month:
He gets 70 litres milk per day from 6 cows
(Morning-35 litres, evening 35 litres)
And selling the milk @ Rs.27 per ltr.
Monthly income 70 litres X Rs.27/-X 30 days 56,700
B Expenditure per month
Animal feed per month 10,000
Monthly salary for one hired labour 7,500
Medicine& treatment charges for Animal 3,000
B Surplus:
Net income per month 36,200
Total 56,700 20,500 36,200
Loan repayment:
Out of his net income he repays the loan of Rs. 12,000/- per month to SAG and Bank
B. Indirect income:
 Getting 25 tractor load of cow dung per year @ Rs.2500/- per tractor load. The cost of cow dung is Rs.62,500/-. Some portion of cow dung is used for his Bio gas plant which was constructed with MYRADA support. The remaining manure is applied in his land.
 Cost of 09 calf @ Rs.3,000/- =Rs. 27,000/-

Income per year:
 Presently he is growing maize, potato, beans, carrot & garlic
in his land and earns per year Rs.5,00,000/-

 Expenditure for purchase of seeds, manure, pesticides,
labour for cultivation and harvesting Rs. 2,00,000/-
 Net income per year Rs. 3,00,000/-

Mr. Patric and his family

Mr. Patric and his family

Family Health Insurance: Mr. Patric has taken family Health insurance with the support of CMRC and to cover health risk.

Future plans:
 To start Azola cultivation
 To adopt mushroom cultivation
 To start fishery unit