Training Through CIDORRs

MYRADA is also recognised for the training we provide to the CBOs we form as well as to other agencies and development organisations.

Our expertise in training comes from field experiences and years of working with people’s institutions. In the late 80’s MYRADA began training SHGs in aspects of management such as unity, book keeping, leadership, etc. Informal training programmes had been taking place on all projects. The first formal attempt was made in Chitradurga district where a specific plan was written for a 2-day training programme for 15 SHGs. This was based on the group members’ request that they be provided training in a space away from their homes, a place where they can be free of worries about their house. With the support of IFAD to develop SHGs, funds were used extensively to train SHGs. The training programmes used till then by staff across MYRADA were put together and certain modules were developed in a sequence. Later manuals were developed for training SHGs, WDAs. We continue to build capacities of staff and the CBOs that we are working with MYRADA today has 10 well established training centres that provide training in the following areas

  1. SAGS and CMRC formation and strengthening, accounts, management, linkages, etc
  2. Watershed and Natural Resource Management
  3. Participatory methodologies – Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA), Appreciative Inquiry, Participatory Impact Monitoring
  4. Reproductive and Child Health and HIV/AIDS
  5. Dryland agriculture – LEISA based farming, dryland farming
  6. Organic farming
  7. NGO management and networking
  8. Working with Government

Please click here for details of our training programmes conducted by CIDORRS