The brief mission statement that has guided Myrada since 1987 is

“Building appropriate local people’s institutions”

This arose from the belief that the poor and vulnerable have a right to craft their own institutions which must be respected.

To enable the poor and vulnerable, through building appropriate local level institutions, to exercise their rights for sustainable and effective strategies for improved livelihoods and quality of life.


  • To foster a process of on-going change in favour of the poor and vulnerable in a way which can be sustained by them through building and managing appropriate and innovative local level institutions based on their rights and rooted in values of justice, equity and mutual support.
  • To recreate a self-sustaining and environmentally clean habitat and the institutions to sustain it based on a balanced perspective of the relationship between natural resources and the legitimate needs of people.
  • To promote institutions, strategies and skills through which poor and vulnerable families are able to exercise their rights to develop their livelihood strategies and to secure the rights of women and children.
  • To promote community based responses for effective, appropriate and timely primary health care, nutrition and vocational skills education in a holistic and sustainable manner.
  • To influence public policies in favour of the poor and vulnerable.
  • To strengthen networks and linkages between and among formal and informal institutions that can foster and sustain the impact of development initiatives.