PRA/PALM Papers – notes on our experiences of conducting Participatory Rural Appraisal

Series 1:Participatory Learning Methods

Series 2:From R.R.A. To…? The Process Begins

Series 3:Training Programme Report-A Workshop On P.R.A. Methods at Huthur

Series 4:A Review Workshop held at Nugu,H.D.Kote on P.R.A

Series 4A:MYRADA Gulbarga PIDOW Project-Planning and Implementing a P.R.A

Series 4B:Interviewing in P.R.A

Series 4C:Enhancing Participation in P.R.A.’s

Series 4D:Participatory Mapping and Modeling-A User’s Note

Series 4E:Transects in P.R.A

Series 4F:P.R.A. Methods and their Applications

Series 5:Sharing Our Limited Experience-MYRADA-Participatory Rural Appraisal or Participatory Learning Methods

Series 6:Participatory Rural Appraisal or Participatory Learning Methods- Recent Experiences From MYRADA & South India

Series 7:Analysis of Societal Roles and Problems From a Gender Perspective & Development Of Gender Sensitive Tools in P.R.A. -PALM

Series 8:Applications of P.R.A. in Forestry

Series 9:Exploring The Interactive Effects of wells in Hard Rock Areas of Peninsular India-An Illustration of the PRA Approach

Series 10:Participatory Evaluation-An Attempt at Using PRA Techniques in Evaluation

Series 11:Entering Women’s World Through Men’s Eyes: Using P.R.A. to sensitise men towards women’s issues

Series 12:Chapathi Diagramming-An account if an attempt to use it in problem solving

Series 13:Constraints in the Practice of PRA

Participatory Intervention Series MKVK – A series of papers on interventions by the MYRADA KVK Project

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mkvk paper2
mkvk paper3
mkvk paper4
mkvk paper5
mkvk paper6
mkvk paper7
mkvk paper9