Stemming from MYRADA’s belief that the poor and the marginalised have a right to form their own institutions, we have worked actively towards forming and nurturing people’s institutions. As the institutions mature and attain a level of independence MYRADA withdraws from actively participating in the institution’s affairs. Indeed, MYRADA has formed institutions with the aim of enabling them to function independently. A prime example being the Community Managed Resource Centres (CMRC)

Since the early 1990’s MYRADA has implemented a policy of decentralising functions to its Projects and Training Centres in the districts. By 2005, its Head Office had begun to resemble a holding company, which manages parts of the fund inflow, reporting, training, analysing field data and reports on the basis of which future plans and policies are developed. Eventually we decided that these institutions would have to be autonomous legally too. Hence many of these institutions (not all though) are now separate legal entities, registered under various acts. These institutions are called MYRADA Promoted Institutions (MPIs).
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