Case study 1:

case_study3_img2Smt. Nagamma w/o Vasalappa Talwar, aged 50 years, is a resident of Penchampalli village, of Chincholi taluka, Gulbarga Dist., Her family consists of her husband and three children. She owns eighteen acres of agriculture land in survey No.3 of the village. The family’s main source of income is agriculture. Her land is predominantly rain fed and frequent erosion of soil during the rains has made it less fertile. Lack of adequate soil and water conservation has further degraded the soil. In addition to this, land to an extent of 2 acres was not under cultivation. In 2011, during Kharif season, the yield of green gram was only one quintal per acre and red gram was 2 Quintal per acre. Overall, 16 Qtl’s of green gram & 34 Qtl’s of red gram was harvested during the year.
Now, after the intervention of this project, her family took up area treatment works in their field and 406 Cum of earthen bunding and 8.1 Cum of boulder bunding, was executed in their land. The total cost of the treatment works was Rs. 27927/-. She further added that her family paid 25% contribution amounting to Rs. 6982/- to the village committee.
Following treatment activities she has noticed that the moisture content in their land has increased and erosion of fertile top soil has been arrested. This has resulted in increase of yield and they were able to harvest 10 QTl’s of green gram from 4 acres of land at 2.5 Qtl’s per acre. Moreover standing crop of red grams is very healthy and she is confident that yield per acre will be double when compared to last year’s yield.
She further shared that this programme funded by HUVF has immensely helped them in taking up need based area treatment measures which has resulted in increase of yield.
Lastly, she happily added that due to treatments work, she is confident that yield from land will gradually increase which will result in enhanced income to the family.

Case study 2:

case_study3_img1Nagappa s/o Moghlappa maitre, aged 45 years, is a resident of Kondampalli village, of Chincholi taluka, Gulbarga Dist., His family consists of his wife and two small children. Since he is landless and poor, his only source of income was through agriculture labour. Before the intervention of this programme, he and his wife together were barely able to earn around Rs. 3000/- per month as wage labourers in the village. As continuous work was not available in the village he along with his wife and children use to migrate to cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore in search of work. During this period the couple was able to earn about Rs. 15000/-.
Now, he shares that due to intervention of HUVF Supported programme, huge quantities of earthen bunding work is being taken up in the village. Moreover as payment is being made in transparent manner on total volumetric work done, he and his wife were able to earn Rs. 417/- per day. As work opportunity was available to them for 60 days, the couple was able to earn around Rs. 25000/- during the period.
Lastly, he added that since work was available in their village itself the family expenditure was less and they were able to save Rs. 10000/- with which they plan to take up IG activity like sheep rearing.