Case study: IGA

Nehru colony-Zakir Hussain
Mayank & Praveen


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This case study is aimed at finding the impact of IGA (funded by NABARD & implemented by Myrada) on life of a rural youth


This case study intends to study the effects and impacts on people and their lifestyle after implementation of Income generation programs (IGA). The subject to be studied is a family which has taken a loan under this program to buy an auto.

They have had ~six months’ time window to appreciate or criticize its benefits. The subject so chosen is Ms.Budenbi belonging to Nehru colony, Holalkere taluk, Chitradurga District, Karnataka.
This case study portrays the impact of IGA intervention in the life of Ms.Budenbi & Family:
Name of the beneficiary : Ms. Budenbi
Name of the SAG : Sri Laxmi, Nehru colony
Age : 46 years
Land holding : 1.5 acres
Crops Grown : Cotton
No. of Family members : 4

Mr. Zakir Hussain son of Ms. Budenbi. The family is engaged in agriculture & bed making business from past few generations. The family owns a very small piece of land holding which does not generate enough revenue to support their needs. Bed making business generates additional revenue which supplements their income.
Zakir Hussain after completion of his PUC had been to Bangalore in search of a job. He started working in a bed making company but he came back to his village in 2011 and joined his family business of bed making. In this business three of the family members (Zakir Hussain, his father & his brother) are involved. They buy processed cotton, blankets and bed sheets from Chitradurga market and venture out to nearby villages and towns to sell the products. They custom make cotton mattress as per the requirements of their customers. They also own a cotton cleaning machine which is used in puffing & cleaning cotton for making beds.


Income generation programs (IGA) are funded by HUF/NABARD with the anchoring support of Myrada. The program is aimed at supporting households and individuals to establish an entrepreneurial activity through which income can be generated for their livelihood. It includes financial funding of the project which includes a grant of Rs 10000 /- and also training and skill development programs conducted by RUDSETI, a skill/entrepreneur training institution at Chitradurga district. Myrada acts as facilitator and implementer of the above program.

In this IGA programme CMRC to provide loan Rs.28000 through Pragathi gramin Bank to Ms. Budenbi (Mr. Zakir Hussain) which includes a grant of Rs 10000/- from NABARD. MrZakir Hussain contributed his savings of Rs 42000 to buy the second hand auto for Rs 80000/-.


All three people used to go to different places on their bikes for selling beds. In a year they sold around 20 to 25 beds, only places which were nearby were covered and since they were not able to carry their machine they were not able to custom make cotton mattress. Since all three people used to go on their own vehicle much of the revenue generated was spent on petrol & maintenance expense of three bikes. Other factors such as rain and bad weather usually stopped their business activity.



Zakir Hussain is now able to sell more number of beds and can custom make cotton mattresses as he is able to carry along with him all the necessary equipment for the process. He now sells around 30 – 35 beds per month. His revenue has increased by 50 % (10 beds increase x Rs1100 per bed).

Zakir Hussain ventures into newer markets like Udupi, Shimoga, Sagara to sell his beds. This has been possible because of the Auto which helps him carry raw materials. His business now doesn’t stop because of rains and bad weather as he is able to carry his materials in the auto.

Zakir Hussain’s family income has increased substantially and has bought a positive impact on their lifestyle. He now aspires to expand his customer base by venturing into newer markets of nearby cities and districts. He also plans to open a bed making shop at Holalkere.