MYRADA – CIDORS (Centres for Institutional Development and Organisational Reform)

In 2006 we decided to register Training centres (CIDORs), give a name to each of the CIDOR and call the society by the name prefixed by MYRADA. CIDORs aim to be self reliant and earn funds for their sustenance from their training activities. MYRADA has deputed senior staff to these institutions as directors. Many CIDOR directors wear two hats – that of the executive director of the CIDOR and that of the programme officer of the programmes. This is only appropriate as all our training is based on the experience gained in the course of programme implementation.

Most MYRADA CIDORRs deliver training in the topics such as SAG Concept (forming, nurturing and building capacities of SAGs), book keeping in SAGs, watershed management (technical aspects of watersheds as well as ‘soft’ issues such as participation, people’s institutions in watersheds), formation of secondary level institutions such as federations, Community Managed Resource Centres and special interest groups such as Producers’ Groups. All sessions are delivered at the field locations (since the CIDORs are located on the projects) and are a mix of classroom sessions and field visits, with emphasis being placed on the latter. Participants in our training programmes get to interact with a range of community members and watch actual field proceedings such as SAG/Watershed association meetings.

The following CIDORS are functioning in MYRADA

MyJ – Cidor, Chirtadurga

MYRADA Gnanodayam CIDOR, Hosur

MYRADA Prakruthi Gnana Kendra, Gulbarga

MYRADA Abhyudaya CIDOR, Kadiri

MYRADA Davinson Training CIDORR, Kollegal

MYRADA Spoorthy Training Centre, Kolar


MYRADA Arivalayam CIDORR, Erode