Education/Vocational Educaiton :

In the year 2019-0220, Myrada implemented education related projects in some of the districts of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu with a focus on quality education and holistic development of children.  Projects in Raichur, Gilnbarga and Bidar, Bangalore Rural districts in Karnataka and Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu through the funding support of HDFC Bank, Child Fund International, HCL foundation and (HIDA) Hope International development agency worked in this sector .

Quality education for the children in the remote Quality education for the children in the remote villages has always been a challenge. In rural India, under three-quarters of students in grade 3 could not solve a two-digit subtraction such as 46
– 17. Over 80% of Class 2 students could not read a single word of a short text. Though India has achieved a rise in school enrolment, it is yet to translate into better learning outcomes. To improve this situation Myrada has been supporting rural children towards quality education through different interventions.

Since 2013 Myrada in partnership with Child Fund India (CFI) has been implementing “Child Development Program” at Raichur District supporting 960 children of 19 villages. Through this program we have been working to improve the standard of education of children through different interventions like timely enrollment of children in the schools at the right age, reduction of dropouts, creating facilities in the Anganwadi Centre, creation of minimum basic facilities such as beautification of class rooms, setting up library, providing educational materials, capacity building of teachers, strengthening school betterment committees etc.

Child Resource Centers (CRCs) were promoted in 21 villages of Bidar, Gulbarga and Raichur Districts in Karnataka State each with facilities such as computers, library, projectors and sports kits and helped children with regular tuition classes, library books reading, fun and talent activities, helping in home work preparation etc. Each centre has a trained facilitator to help children in the above activities. Special care and coaching are given to the weak students in different subjects. Talents competitions in drawing, essay writing, role play is organized.

Children Clubs / children groups are formed and provided space to raise voice for their rights and protection. Around 1600 children access the centres daily in the evening hours (after school) and have shown improvement in their studies.

Parents were sensitized through trainings and meetings and motivated to provide care and support to their children in learning cognitive skills (3-6 years) and preparing them for the next level of education. Knowledge and skills related to child protection, child rights, importance of education were explained to the parents.

Life skills development program was implemented for the government school children at Hosur in Krishnagiri District in Tamil Nadu and Anekal in Bangalore Rural District in Karnataka through the funding from Hope International Development Agency (HIDA) and HCL Foundation. 1378 (967 in Anekal and 411 in Hosur) children studying in 8-9th grades got the opportunity in building life skills such as leadership skills, basic computer skills, awareness on personal hygiene, mobile phone technology, backyard vegetable farming, nutritional food etc.

Children Groups were formed in the schools and trained in decision making, planning, preparations for tests and exams etc. Sports and talents programs were conducted for the children group members. The winners were awarded prizes and certificates in the presence of HCL volunteers. Fifteen active best children group members were awarded with bicycles by the HCL Foundation at Sabmangala village, Anekal. The life skills development program has brought good insight and appreciation from the school authorities, parents and visitors and has created more demand for such interventions.

Twenty IAS probationers from the LBSNAA, Mussoorie, visited the life skills program implemented in Girls Higher Secondary School at Bagalur, Krishnagiri District in Tamil Nadu. During their visit the Children Group (CG) members performed skit, speech and presented their children group concept, learning from the life skills program and received appreciation for their active participation and performance.

Highlights :

  • School attendance of children in the working villages has increased from 65 to 80%. No school dropouts noticed due to regular monitoring of children, conducting tuition and extracurricular activities through the Child Resource Centers.
  • High school children learn basic computer skills through the Child Resource Centers (CRC) set
  • Toilet facilities created in 87
  • One girl student in the Children’s Group participated and won II prize in the discus throw in the national level competition organized at Delhi by HCL Foundation.
  • One additional class room constructed and 12 class rooms were renovated in different project locations.
  • 11 government schools were renovated to create conducive environment for learning. A library was set up in each school. HCL staff volunteered in painting of govt., school building at Sabmangala village, Anekal, Bangalore Rural
  • Walls of 5 Anganwadi centers functioning in the villages were painted with cartoons, alphabet letters, pictures of animals and
  • 1864 solar lanterns were provided to the children to use for studies to overcome problems of frequent power cuts in the
  • 39 Govt., school teachers in selected schools in the project working villages were trained in advanced teaching methods and lesson plan preparation. Teaching and learning materials were provided to 21 govt.,

Children of Nirgudi Village, Bidar District.

We get free tuition in our Child Resource Centre set up in our village. Watching TV serial or movies at home completely reduced except on holidays. We spend around 3- 4 hours in the tuition centre and complete our homework, prepare for exams and tests. Our mentor in the centre takes care of us very nicely engaging us by conducting different joyful ways of learning. We are lucky to have such a wonderful opportunity.

Ms.Anusha,Children Resource Centre’s guide and mentor of Mamandoddi village, Raichur Dist., Karnataka, says….

Shrikant is a 4th grade student studying in the government school. He was one of the slow learners in his class and said that his teacher used to scold him for scoring less marks in the exams. After enrolling in the children resource centre his school attendance has improved a lot.

He is now an active student in the center as well as in the school. He plays games and interacts with his peers in the group discussions which makes him happy in the centre.

Children of Rola village, Bidar District-Karnataka

Learning computer skills for us in the village was a dream. We never had a chance to touch the computer and the mouse. Now our dream came true through the Child Resource centre established by Myrada. We learn basic computer skills in our CRC. We know typing, drawing pictures and get useful information for building our knowledge and ideas. We may become computer engineers in the future.