Health and Sanitation :

Our aim has been “To improve the reach and quality of primary health care through effective community- based responses with the support of local institutions”. Our work in the health sector includes improving quality of and access to primary health care, improving food and nutrition security and prevention of anemia in pregnant and lactating mothers and children

In Raichur, Gulbarga and Bidar Districts of Karnataka, with the help of funding from HDFC Bank and Child Fund India, we have ongoing projects for pregnant mothers, child nutrition, community awareness and treatment for anemia, child mortality, personal hygiene and safe drinking water supply. 1400 children with severe and moderate acute malnutrition (SAM & MAM) were supported with supplementary nutrition, supplied Vitamin A and B complex supplements, deworming and regular health checkups. Pregnant and lactating mothers were trained and made aware of the importance of nutrition of children, immunization, growth monitoring etc.

Safe drinking water facilities were created in 3 villages of Devadurga taluk of Raichur District under water, sanitation and health (Wash) program through Child Fund India. 82100 people in these villages have access to purified water on pay and use basis @ Rs. 5/- per 25 liters. Water user groups formed in these villages take care of the maintenance of the units with the fee collected from the people. Household vegetable kitchen gardens were promoted for more nutritious food intake by the anemic children and pregnant mothers. Communities were trained and motivated to construct individual toilets along with financial and technical support for building new toilets in the interior villages of Raichur, Bidar and Gulbarga districts of Karnataka

Project villages in Kolar, Raichur, Bidar and Gulbarga District areas addressed the problem of waste water which was flowing and spreading on the streets, roads and in open places, accumulating in ditches and low-lying areas. As a part of control measures, we organized awareness programs on health hazards of the communities and finding suitable solution for streamlining the waste water. As a result, 180 soak pits were constructed to channel waste and gray water to flow through the pits there by reducing water borne diseases like diarrhea, malaria and dengue, especially among children.

Highlights :

  • In Bodawada village of Andhra Pradesh an RO plant with 2000 litres per hour capacity was set up with a user fee of Rs.5/- per 20 litres. This plant is maintained by the local Watershed Committee.
  • 329 Families use toilets constructed in their homes. The number of people using toilets has
  • There is 80% improvement in health and hygiene practices by the communities including children such as hand wash, regular bathing, usage of waste water into kitchen garden promotion and reduced water borne diseases among children
  • 50 solar street lights were installed in 10 villages of Gulbarga, Raichur and Bidar district project locations.
  • 720 adolescent school girls were trained in menstrual hygiene practices and
  • Promoted vegetable gardens in the school backyard in five government schools at Krishnagiri District with an involvement of high school children. The vegetables grown such as beans, brinjal, tomato was used in mid- meal preparation in the school. Mango, sapota, pomegranate, lemon and amla fruit plants were also planted in the garden by the children as a


Cumulative since 1968                                                                                   In 2019-2020

9200 drinking water systems created                                    7 drinking water systems created

67586 individual toilets constructed                                      329 individual toilets constructed

690 LPG connection given to poor families                         1019 solar lights for domestic use

2010 smokeless chula constructed                                          1732 vegetable kitchen gardens

573 biogas plants constructed                                                    50 solar street lights erected