Rain water harvesting:
Rain water harvesting is another intergraded component existing in this particular household where they store 10 thousand liters during rainy days which around four to five months period. Mr. Nagesh says that he prefers to drink this rain water, which pure and uncontaminated and dependency on public water has reduced by this storage system. Other than that they use this water for cattle feeding, cooking, washing and other household purposes. When the counterperson asked about the contamination Mr. Nagesh said that the water tank is with airtight lid which avoids or protects water from sunlight exposure, which prevents microbes and other aquatics from growing inside the tank. In this way he has reduced the maintenance labor. It was MYRADA KVK’s interventions and guidance which lead us to carry out these components with confidence.

I am not ready to waste even single unit of natural of resources,
Which are enriching our lives” – Mr. Nagesh
The simple man who appeared in Makkal TV (A private television channel), have not stopped with only these, further he also cooperated and experimented the implementation of Eco-san toilet at his home.
Eco san is an alternative approach to safe and efficient management of human excreta and urine. Ecological sanitation recycles human excreta safely and productively to improve soils. It minimizes water consumption in sanitation. It protects water resources and the environment from sewage pollution thereby offering very comprehensive public health protection.

The effective utilization of Eco-san toilet wastes can be used as manure in agriculture field, in this way Mr. Nagesh used that decomposed manure into the fodder fields.
In comparing with his father and grand father Mr. Nagesh said that they were lived only with these cattle and farms without any chemical fertilizers used, I use wonder sometimes why can’t we live a same life now, as a result of it, now I am doing all eco-friendly farming. In adding to this he also said that, the cow and goats which he rears are country varieties which have many advantages for farming communities than of hybrids. He recalls about earlier days where he could only produce far less amount of manure and which also sold to outsiders, because of ignorance and unaware of organic farming system. So now he utilizes all farm wastes to produce vermin-compost and use them for his own farming fields.