Tackling Low Birth Weight – in instance from Kollur in Bidar district

Sunita, a 24 year old pregnant woman, was expecting her 2nd child in January 2014.
Hb : 9.6gm (July-2013 anemic), (12.6 December-2013)
Weight : 44.2 Kg (July-2013); 53.3 kg in December 2013
(9.1kg increase in 6 months)
Height : 158 cm
Mother in law : Gauramma
Village : Kollur

Sunita revealed that her first child’s birth weight was 1.5 Kg (low birth weight). The family spent lots of money on treatment and nobody counselled them properly. Due to this there were lots of disturbances in the family.

Sunita and her mother in law attended the training conducted by Myrada; and now they are aware of the importance of antenatal care and nutrition. Her mother in law is taking personal care of her diet, regular health check up, IFA tablets; she also asks the ASHA worker about her weight every month to make sure that the baby is not born, like the first one, with a low birth weight. Sunita is happy about all these changes in the family.

Sunita delivered baby girl on 21st of Jan 2014 and the birth weight of baby is 2.7 Kg.